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No, they broadcast the home games, but they stream none of it even though the station streams other parts of their local program day. Is it that the sports league sites don't allow local teams to have their station flagships stream so that they can charge for theirs? It really is confusing because Clear Channel seems to stream whatever they choose, including having Coast to Coast available free of charge from KFI and others. I suppose their idea behind charging is for the podcastability and the fact it is already cleaned of commercials unlike using Replay AV to record.

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It all has to do with contracts basically. if a team can broadcast other places but not at home, something's screwy there.

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I doubt that the Brewer game would ever be streamed, at least in a form to guarantee the home coverage. WTMJ, the flagship station blacks out all the sports for some reason and Wisconsin has relatively few stations that stream besides Clearchannel in Milwaukee which has no sports. . I can see why they black out stuff from other networks, but why do they have to not stream the ones they produce or are the flagship for?

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I believe that the N.C.A.A web site has links for listening to the tournament for free online.

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