[bct] punching in and out with studio recorder

  • From: <maryemerson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "bct" <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2005 11:02:48 -0800

Hi all,

Maybe somebody needs to write a tips and tricks book for studio recorder 
because there are some gaps the user's manual hasn't covered too well. One such 
gap is what to do to get rid of the keyboard clicks when you insert a mike 
recording into an existing mike recording. I'd love to just time things so the 
keyboard clicks get deleted automatically but maybe that's too much to ask. I 
always end up having to delete them manually. Anybody know of a way around 
this? Maybe there's some magical time adjustment to get the clicks out. I 
notice that when I do a pre-roll, the punch-in click is gone, but don't know 
for sure if post-roll would get the punch-out click to disappear too.

Thanks for any quick tips.


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