[bct] Re: pumpkin pudding

  • From: "Anthony Rose" <santhonyr@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 18:16:27 -0600

Someone just gave me the recipe for a really simple chocolate pie, and I tried 
it, and oh my goodness!  How fantastic.  Most people would think it is too 
rich, but it's one of those pies that you know will make you sick, but it's so 
good that you don't care.  Delicious, with an evil twist, so it's melicious.
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From: Dana Niswonger 
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Subject: [bct] Re: pumpkin pudding

Jake, stop!
I haven't had dinner yet and I'm going strait for the desert if I read one more 
message about pie, lol!

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  From: Jake Joehl 
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  Subject: [bct] Re: pumpkin pudding

  Pumpkin pie, yum yum! Just the thought of all this is making me hungry. Last 
night we had a Thanksgiving party here in my building, and someone brought a 
pumpkin cream pie that was so good! It was from Bakers Square, which is a small 
chain here in the Chicago area. They used to be under the name Poppin' Fresh 
Pies back in the 80's and before that I think, but they're now a full-service 
restaurant and their slogan is, "Come for the food, stay for the pie." If you 
ask me that is a perfect slogan. I don't have a favorite pie there, they're all 
so scrumptious. My family and I have been going there ever since we moved to 
the midwest in the mid-80's. 
    They have some great entrees too. I have been told they even do breakfast 
but I've never had breakfast there.
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    From: Mary Emerson 
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    Subject: [bct] pumpkin pudding

    Sure I'd give the whole list some pudding but guess I'll just have to read 
or type the recipe instead. What I think I'll use is the recipe off the can; 
it's actually for pie but I just leave the crust out and devour the pudding. 
It's real good for breakfast. Makes a few cups but it's real easy to just dig 
in and scarf it up without much thought. 


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