[bct] Re: pumpkin pudding

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  • Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 18:10:08 -0600

Jake, stop!
I haven't had dinner yet and I'm going strait for the desert if I read one more 
message about pie, lol!

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  Pumpkin pie, yum yum! Just the thought of all this is making me hungry. Last 
night we had a Thanksgiving party here in my building, and someone brought a 
pumpkin cream pie that was so good! It was from Bakers Square, which is a small 
chain here in the Chicago area. They used to be under the name Poppin' Fresh 
Pies back in the 80's and before that I think, but they're now a full-service 
restaurant and their slogan is, "Come for the food, stay for the pie." If you 
ask me that is a perfect slogan. I don't have a favorite pie there, they're all 
so scrumptious. My family and I have been going there ever since we moved to 
the midwest in the mid-80's. 
    They have some great entrees too. I have been told they even do breakfast 
but I've never had breakfast there.
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    From: Mary Emerson 
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    Subject: [bct] pumpkin pudding

    Sure I'd give the whole list some pudding but guess I'll just have to read 
or type the recipe instead. What I think I'll use is the recipe off the can; 
it's actually for pie but I just leave the crust out and devour the pudding. 
It's real good for breakfast. Makes a few cups but it's real easy to just dig 
in and scarf it up without much thought. 


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