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MessageOne of the weird things about Juice and iPodder is that when you alt+Tab 
to it, it doesn't usually take focus properly.  It is usually necessary to 
alt+tab away then alt+tab back to it.  You can tell if it does not get focus, 
because your screen reader will just read the name of the program, but when the 
program gets focus, the screen reader will also annohnce something else about 
the program, usually that you are on the tab control on the Download tab, even 
if that's not where you were when you left the program.  Once you do that, 
though, and tab to the list of downloads or arrow to another page on the multi 
page dialog, the program seems to behave pretty well.

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  Sometimes Juice just gives me a screen with the tab headings and I have to 
use the mouse keys to click downloads to get focus to the list of downloaded 

  I have also had some strange things happening with Juice.  Has anyone else 
had to press alt f4 twice to exit Juice?  The first alt f4 seems to do nothing 
and then the second exits the program.  


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    Hi everyone,

    I installed Juice and now JFW will not read the screens within Juice.  
    When I try to read the downloads or subscriptions JfW reads the desktop.
    Juice downloaded the recent  bct to my received podcasts, but nothing shows 
up within Juice downloads and I can't select a subscription.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks for your help.

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