[bct] Re: possible spam e-mail regarding Paypal account suspension

  • From: "Rose Combs" <rosecombs@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 10:48:14 -0700

Unfortunately I am getting these messages also, and I do not have a Pay Pal
account.  I have been getting them with my hotmail address forever, and I
have only used that address for MSN messenger which is currently not
installed on my computer either because I had so few contacts it seemed
easier to write regular e-mail.  I check the hotmail account about once a
week and always have a message from pay pal asking me for password or PIN
info, they are always sent to the junk folder as are a few other items that
account picks up and it all keeps coming back.  
Norton Antivirus is stripping attachments off some of these,.  I even
started getting messages purportedly from my ISP telling me my account has
sent out too much spam.  I called QWEST and they assured me that they don't
send such messages, again there are attachments that are being stripped.  It
has been going on for about a month and it is driving me crazy, even telling
Antispam to collect these messages is not that much help.  
Thank goodness I have Norton Firewall, my router's firewall and good
antivirus software.  
Still, it is annoying every day to have to move sometimes 20 messages into
the antispam folder, and then see it all again when I search to make sure
legitimate messages are properly disposed.  

Rose Combs

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Hi all,
I got a couple messages that "looked" and that's in quotes, looked,
official; they wanted me to update my account information or my account
would be suspended. I wasn't sure what to think, so I went to the link in
the e-mail and the log in looked legitimate, but I stopped when they wanted
my credit card's pin number, claiming it was an additional security measure.
I talked to my credit card company (I don't currently use a pin on my credit
card) and they said it sounds very suspicious, which I agree with; so I just
sent a message to Paypal (from paypal.com, not from any weird e-mail link.)
I asked if the e-mail was legitimate, and included the message text. Will
advise you when I hear back. I don't think paypal would ever, ever, ever ask
for any pin number, but that e-mail almost had me convinced; so be careful
and don't panic if you get something that says Paypal suspension notice as
the subject of the e-mail. Contact paypal and report the spam, and include
the text of the spam message you received. Let Paypal see what you received
and be sure they verify with you whether or not this is legitimate. Somebody
out there may be trying to get your money.
By the way, I looked on the Paypal site and there wasn't a single word about
credit card updates or pin numbers. I even went into my account and looked
at it.
I will advise when I hear back from Paypal.

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