[bct] Re: possible spam e-mail regarding Paypal account suspension

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MessageI got a similar spam from Amazon.com saying there was possible 
fraudulent activity and my password needed to be changed within two days or I'd 
lose my account.  It said "To change your password, click here."  The scary 
thing is how legitimate these things appear.

Only reason I knew it was false is that I just placed an order with Amazon, the 
day *after* I received this spam, and saw nothing when I logged on to indicate 
I needed to change my pasword.  If I'd made that order the day before and 
*then* received this spam, I might've fallen for it.


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  Mary and others. This is a known spam and I get at least 50 of them per day 
from paypal.  Your advice about dealing with this is sound.  Just never ever 
send a reply email to these or any other possible spam messages.  Many of them 
just send to random addresses hoping that people will reply so they will have 
your exact address.  Spam is a growing concern at places like Trace where we do 
a lot of posting to all kinds of lists and where our web site gets a lot of 
hits.  But, even if you only get a few spam messages, you can save your self a 
lot of trouble by not ever replying to them.  If you have questions, do as you 
did and write directly to the legitimate site and report the problem.  If there 
is no legitimate site, simply delete the message and ignore it.


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    Hi all,

    I got a couple messages that "looked" and that's in quotes, looked, 
official; they wanted me to update my account information or my account would 
be suspended. I wasn't sure what to think, so I went to the link in the e-mail 
and the log in looked legitimate, but I stopped when they wanted my credit 
card's pin number, claiming it was an additional security measure. I talked to 
my credit card company (I don't currently use a pin on my credit card) and they 
said it sounds very suspicious, which I agree with; so I just sent a message to 
Paypal (from paypal.com, not from any weird e-mail link.) I asked if the e-mail 
was legitimate, and included the message text. Will advise you when I hear 
back. I don't think paypal would ever, ever, ever ask for any pin number, but 
that e-mail almost had me convinced; so be careful and don't panic if you get 
something that says Paypal suspension notice as the subject of the e-mail. 
Contact paypal and report the spam, and include the text of the spam message 
you received. Let Paypal see what you received and be sure they verify with you 
whether or not this is legitimate. Somebody out there may be trying to get your 

    By the way, I looked on the Paypal site and there wasn't a single word 
about credit card updates or pin numbers. I even went into my account and 
looked at it.

    I will advise when I hear back from Paypal.


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