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  • Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 04:12:42 +0100

Houdy most of the u s b external drives are fairly simplistic plug and play devices. In other words just hook it up to the computer and mostly they install themselves.
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Hi folks
Do any of you have suggestions as to brand, ease in use of any of the
external hard drives?
I've been using a jump drive or flash drive for backup of my files. It
didn't last too long as it is only 1G. I did not want to purchase anything
at the time until I talked to people with knowledge about these products.
I am using Windows XP on a Dell Dimension 80g but will probably not reach
its limits before it is time to purchase a new computer.
I need something that I can backup files to but nothing more than that. I'm
not looking to mirror my hard drive as I wouldn't know how as I'm not very
techy. So just want backing up of work files and personal files.
It doesn't seem there is any magic to this but I'm not sure if I can
purchase something and just plug it in and start working with it.
So any help you might have would be greatly appreciated.
Barbara and Bree from Boston

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