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  • Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 21:41:01 -0400

Are there any external drives that depend solely on USB power and don't need any electricity in order to run? It seems to me that portability is cut down if you constantly need an outlet.

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Hi Barbara,

You said:
"It doesn't seem there is any magic to this but I'm not sure if I can
purchase something and just plug it in and start working with it."

Yes, you can and it is quite simple. Any external USB hard drive will be
large enough to hold things like Office documents, pictures and music. You
will typically plug one of these drives into the wall to give it power and
then into one of your computer's USB ports. Windows XP will recognize the
drive right away and you can copy stuff to it like you would any other drive
or diskette for that matter.

As for the drive itself, any drive from a reputable drive company like
Seagate, Western Digital and so on should be fine. Be sure it comes with a

When you're finished copying your files, you turn the drive off, unplug it
and you're right as rain.

Hope this helps,

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