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What is a GSD?
Thank you.
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I think Guide Dogs of the Desert was the first school to train
standard Poodles. Some schools are also training the Labradoodle, a
Lab/Poodle cross. You got a good price for grooming, I have a friend who
pays $85 to get her pet standard poodle groomed. For now, I think I'll
stick with my GSD.

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Hi Maria and list,

Not that many schools are training standard poodles yet but they are
becoming more popular.  I think it's mainly the miniatures and the toys
that are more high strung. Josef is my third Leader Dog. My first was a
shepherd-huskey, and my second a golden. Of the three, my
shepherd-huskey was the most high strung but she was a great worker.
I've been very fortunate in that they've all been excellent workers.

Josef is actually the tallest of any guide I've had, which I really
like. He's bigger than a lot of standards so is considered a Royal
Standard. He weighs around eighty pounds. As far as temperament, he is
awesome; very calm, well behaved and friendly. He is quite the cuddler
too and I must confess, we let him sleep with us. A real plus to having
a poodle is that they don't shed. They're also hypoallergenic, so
anybody who is allergic to dogs isn't bothered by a poodle. If there is
a drawback in that they don't shed, it would be that you have the added
expense of having them trimmed. I like to have Josef trimmed at least
every six weeks. This can be very expensive, but I found a groomer here
in town who will do it for $30. I get his hair cut all one length,
except that his face, feet, and the base of his tail are shaved. Then he
has a poof at the end of his tail (what there is of it), a poof on the
top of his head, and the hair on his ears is a little longer. Josef has a slower pace than my other dogs. I've heard it said that a
poodle works like a shepherd, minus the pull. I'd have to agree. They
are very careful, and quick to pick up routes and phrases.

Gosh, maybe I should have done a podcast about this.

Talk to you all soon.


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