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Oh Anthony:
If you get that you got card blonch with me man!

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  Oh wow!  I had no idea what it was.  I had a server going for a little while, 
and someone uploaded that to me, but my computer crashed just a few days ago, 
and I lost a mega amount of stuff, but I'll see if I can get that back, and if 
I do, I'll let you know.
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  Hi Mary:
  There is a really great album I wish I had, it's a National Lampoon thing 
from 1973 called the Basement Tapes.  It features, among other things, just 
what you are talking about regarding editing someone's voice.  They took 
Nixon's voice from several speeches and editing them, made him say all sorts of 
things he never really said.  Really, it was quite funny and a marvelous sound 
trick.  I am still looking for a copy of it to add to my collection.  I have 
there National Radio Dinner album but can't seem to find anyone who has this 
one.  I saw a program the other day that demonstrated how pictures of real 
children can be brought into a program that allows the user to create porn.  
They can make the child become animated and it was amazing what these guys did 
when they brought a picture of a real kid to life.  Now that really scares me!

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    Hi all,

    It's late and I need to quit to be able to get up reasonably early tomorrow 
since I have a grocery delivery and want to start holiday baking. I need to 
check out copyright and stuff on the various podcast storage sites; am leaning 
more toward libsyn but have also looked at ourmedia. I feel a bit more 
comfortable with libsyn but I suppose there are good and bad aspects to each 
site. I know there's a blind podcaster e-mail list someplace but not sure I 
want to join anything else since BCT and the 4 or 5 other lists keep things 
flowing just about right; not too hectic but plenty to keep things interesting. 
So I will have to do a bit more checking; I'd rather not have somebody run off 
with my stuff and claim it's theirs, but then it makes sense to just podcast 
public domain stuff anyway. I like things to be rated G, so to speak, but still 
get nervous about what people can use and how they can use it. I heard a scary 
news story about how technology is so good now that they can take tiny snippets 
and words from interviews, re-arrange them and make the person say something he 
didn't really say. Somebody was doing that with John Lennon, of all people, 
just taking sounds and phrases and words and combining them into things he 
never really said, but it's in his own voice.

    Ok, I'd better quit thinking about this. Why is it that at night it's so 
easy to come up with this weird stuff! Tomorrow I'll have forgotten all about 
it or think it's silly. But it isn't, really; there's a relevant point to it.


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