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Hi Rebecca,
I'm by no means any expert as it took me a couple of weeks to even
understand the sequence but I'll try to get you started.  .  I'm certain
some more knowledgeable person will chime in with more suggestions.  Now, I
wish I'd recorded each step of my journey.  <grin>

The first step would be to record your podcast.    I believe you can do this
in Goldwave, but you can also download a free application called Audacity.
Next, save your sound file as an MP3 file--probably by doing a Save As.
Once that's done, go to the Contacts link on the Blind Cool Tech page.
Larry offers several flavors for submission.  .
I've been there but was unsure if I could send MP3 files directly that way,
but I'm going to check it out again.  He also mentioned a site called
www.yousendit.com.  I'll be visiting that today.  I'm always looking for
easier solutions.

There are other strategies if you'd like to have a host and such.  .  I used
ourmedia.org, registered with their service as well as their archive,
downloaded their publishing tool and sent my podcast to my page that way.
Steve Guerra used Libsync.com.  the difference?  Our Media is free and
Libsync has four levels of payment by way of subscription.

Okay.  that should send your brains spinning for awhile.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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> Hi.  What type of equipment do I need to start podcasting and how do I get
> started?  I have a mike/headset that I have connected to my computer but
> other than that what else do I need?  I have goldwave installed also.  Let
> me know.  Thanks.
> Rebecca and Sherman
> email rilniski@xxxxxxxxxxx
> msn only rebecca.ilniski@xxxxxxxxxxx
> skype rebeccai5

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