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Hi Lance,

I'm sorry that you have a hearing loss too. Gosh, as many of us that
have that to deal with, it makes you wonder if there is more of a
relationship between the auditory and visual systems than they're
aware of. It's not like deafness is a common thing, but there sure
seems to be a lot of hearing impairment within the blind community.
Not good.


On Fri, 17 Mar 2006 17:57:32 -1000, you wrote:

>Hey Pam,
>In addition to this list being very informative, it's also very encouraging
>to know that you're not alone.  I too suffer from hearing loss.  It has
>changed my life somewhat.  I'm not as sociable as I used to be, but being a
>performer doesn't give me any choice in the matter.  Aloha, Lance
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>Yes, I've heard that for some the sensory overload is too much to
>handle. Don't know if this is true but I heard that a man in England
>actually committed suicide because he just couldn't adapt; seems to me
>a blindfold would have been a better solution, but whatever. I guess
>one thing to consider too is that for a person whose sight was
>restored by surgery, it would be impossible to convey to sighted
>people exactly how they were perceiveing things, and for all anybody
>would know, things could be severely distorted and never look at all
>like they would to normally functioning eyes. I guess for that matter,
>normally seeing people probably perceive colors and what not
>differently from one another, just assuming that everybody sees a
>given color the same. This really hit home when I started losing my
>hearing and it became distorted. Much of the beauty and the richness
>disappeared and if I held the phone for example to my bad ear, the
>pitch of the dial tone was entirely different, on a different key than
>it was if I listen with my good ear. If my hearing had always been
>like that, I would have assumed that everybody heard in the same way
>which of course isn't the case. Beauty really is in the ears of the
>beholder as well. 

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