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I have a podcst as well, bt I just tell people about it by word of mouth.
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One thing I've done is to put my podcast on several podcast directories.
You can find a directory of directories at


visit me at
Keep smiling!

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>OK..We've all promoted our podcasts on here and in other places, but where
>are some good places to promote podcasts? I'm looking to have mine get some
>more exposure, and would like to find resources or places for promoting
>Any thoughts or ideas or resources for accomplishing this task would be
>From David
>If you're looking for an internet radio show that plays a variety of
>different types of music, and is guaranteed to provide you with two hours
>of quality entertainment twice a week, then check out my internet radio
>show The Djd Invasion. It can be heard Sunday afternoons from 3 to 5 PM
>eastern on ACB Radio Interactive at
>and on Wednesday nights from 9 to 11 PM eastern at
>For more info about me and my shows, visit my web site at
>Check the show out, you won't be disappointed

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