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Mike, see my answers in your message below.

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Neal, I don't know this Sony machine. Are you hoping it will be more
accessible than the Micro Track we heard you demonstrate? 

*** The Microtrack is a recorder that records on a flash card and is
thus much nicer for transferring files to the computer.  the Sony
records on a minidisk and although there is software to do the transfer,
I am told it is much slower than a flash card transfer.  I'm not sure
that one is any more accessible than the other, however, one of the
problems with the microtrack was the pressing the record button for both
record and stop.  You could get yourself in an unknown state here.  The
Sony does not have these kinds of problems and the mike preamps should
be much more quiet.  They both have their trade offs, and one may not be
any more accessible than the other.  I guess we will find out.
Also, you mentioned mike pre-amps. I have the Audio Technica 822 that
runs on a double A battery. I haven't needed a pre-amp with it, but then
would you use a pre-amp so as to equalize what goes to your recorder?
There's so much to learn. 

*** You don't really need a mike pre-amp for that microphone.  It
depends on how you want to equalize it.  It has a bass roll off switch,
so you could use that for equalization.  I don't use a mike pre-amp when
I plug this mike into the sony minidisk recorders.
I hope this all helps.
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Hello all, I just ordered a Sony High MD recorder and the software.  I
am curious to see if the recorder is as good as the MZR900 I have with
respect to mike pre-amps.  I also want to know the scoop on the
accessibility of the software.  So, if we're lucky, you can expect a
podcast on this next week after I have gotten the recorder and have time
to play.  I will use my Audio Technica AT822 and the in ear mikes from
Sound Professionals and some other mike from Sound Professionals to give
us all a chance to hear how they do on a Minidisk platform.
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