[bct] Re: podcast on the new Sony High MD recorder and transfer to PC

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MessageNeal, I don't know this Sony machine. Are you hoping it will be more
accessible than the Micro Track we heard you demonstrate?

Also, you mentioned mike pre-amps. I have the Audio Technica 822 that runs
on a double A battery. I haven't needed a pre-amp with it, but then would
you use a pre-amp so as to equalize what goes to your recorder? There's so
much to learn.
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Hello all, I just ordered a Sony High MD recorder and the software.  I am
curious to see if the recorder is as good as the MZR900 I have with respect
to mike pre-amps.  I also want to know the scoop on the accessibility of the
software.  So, if we're lucky, you can expect a podcast on this next week
after I have gotten the recorder and have time to play.  I will use my Audio
Technica AT822 and the in ear mikes from Sound Professionals and some other
mike from Sound Professionals to give us all a chance to hear how they do on
a Minidisk platform.

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