[bct] Re: podcast on the new Sony High MD recorder and transfer to PC

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Trust me, this is "normal".  It's no big deal for those of us who do it 
fundamentally because we know there's no other choice; but, I'd be willing 
to bet you we all wish there was another choice; accaccessibility.

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>I am very curious as to how you all deal with the menus on minidisk

I've thought about this a lot. In a previous post, I was complaining that I
needed to ask my husband to erase minidiscs for me, and frankly I felt like
I was being a bit lazy after reading myself. I've seen blind people,
especially guys who are twenty-something use really complicated equipment
that I personally find totally inaccessible.  Maybe it's menopause, but
memorizing long menu sequences is a real chore for me these days.

So next day, when we went out to breakfast, I suggested that he teach
himself to erase with his eyes closed. So we went through about seven
minidiscs before he could do it, and then he showed me, and it only took me
four. I realized that if I paid attention I could master this complex
sequence, but my problem was that I felt resentful having to master all

I practiced with the thirty-odd discs I had to erase, and by that time I
could do this amazing sequence in my sleep:

* Insert the disc and count four Mississippis.

* Press menu.

* Press enter.

* Press track forward four times.

* Press enter.

* Press track forward twice.

* Press enter.

* Wait for one Mississippi.

* Press Enter again.

* Wait for about ten Mississippis until I heard a Ker-Chunk sound.

I also had to remember which key was Menu and that Enter was the same thing
as play.

Do  you guys all regularly run through these kind of sequences and think
this is normal? Am I weird in thinking this is really awkward?   Have I been
working with the dyslexic so long that I'm loosing my own ability to

Or is it menopause after all!!!


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