[bct] Re: podcast on the new Sony High MD recorder and transfer to PC

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Hi Ray,
I know this is partly off-topic for this particular thread, but i'll have to ask since curiosity got the better of me.:-) How is it with the automatic versus the manual controls of record level? The reason i abandoned Sony mini discs long ago in favour of sharp ones was that on the Sony machines you had to set manual rec level control on a per recording basis, that is, everytime you turned a recording off for some reason, you'd have to go into a cursed menu and turn manual recording on again. I hate to use the automagic gain control, because imho the limiter is set wrongly causing the sound to pump which i personally can't stand, so i want manual gain control.

Ray Foret Jr. wrote:

Neal, you and I almost have exactly the same model of recorder. I use the Sony MZ-RH910 which is operationally exactly the very same unit. The only difference is that your unit comes with a six line luminescent display where as mine comes with a five line display which is not luminescent. The unit is easy to operate. One thing to remember is this. First, put the gum stick looking battery in the unit with the plus side facing outward. Then, close the little lid over the compartment. Now, to charge the unit, press and hold down the stop/cancel key for two seconds. That is the key right next to the special role type control. Next, after the unit is fully charged, (this takes about two and a half hours or so) you need to set the menus so they are in the "advanced mode". The first thing you do is press the menu/search button and hold it in for two seconds (I do it for three just to make real sure) this will bring up the menus. The first menu you see is simple/advanced. By default, the unit is set to Simple. to change to advanced, just move the special role type control one click toward the buttons; then, press on the role type control for the enter key. That's it. BTW, the menu/search key is right next to the two position volume rocker switch which has a raised dot at the plus end.
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Don, I ordered the Sony MZ-RH10 .



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    neal which model did you order?

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Hello all, I just ordered a Sony High MD recorder and the
software. I am curious to see if the recorder is as good as the
MZR900 I have with respect to mike pre-amps. I also want to
know the scoop on the accessibility of the software. So, if
we're lucky, you can expect a podcast on this next week after I
have gotten the recorder and have time to play. I will use my
Audio Technica AT822 and the in ear mikes from Sound
Professionals and some other mike from Sound Professionals to
give us all a chance to hear how they do on a Minidisk platform.
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