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Well I'll answer that here. At this time, VO doesn't not speak as soon as you turn on the machine. You can have it speak at the login prompt. Only Linux offers speech from startup to shutdown and it does this by having Speakup patched into the kernel. To learn more about Speakup, go to http://linux-speakup.org. I would love to see Apple make this possible and you can bet I'll be putting that up as a suggestion because there may be reasons for someone to muck about at the kernel level of their box.
Nothing is perfect, but like Linux, its drawback at this point is the fact that you can use a very large number of apps from the console, but you have no gui and web browsing isn't as good as it is with Tiger and/or windows. The good thing is that Apple is very commited to VoiceOver and I can only see things getting better.
Ok well I went on a while so expect to see a podcast soon which will be short on a lot of stuff, but I'm working on some plans to perhaps get an interview with an Apple rep or something. These are just ideas, but I'll give you the best demo I can.


On Dec 19, 2005, at 6:55 PM, Maria wrote:

Hi Scott,

Believe me, we're all waiting with baited breath on this one. Most of the
questions I was going to ask you to cover have been asked already, but I
have one big question. Does the Mac speak as soon as you turn it on? Lynne
and I bought some lap tops a while back and while we could turn them on, we
couldn't do anything else because we still needed someone with good eyes to
click on the speech option till we got JAWS going. We're hoping that your
answer will be in the affirmative.

Looking forward to your podcast,


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Thank you folks for your interest. I have gotten some good questions
and I'll trying to find as many answers as possible. Like I said, I'm
no expert of the Mac and I haven't really gotten as familiar as I'd
like with every aspect, but we'll learn together. I might cover some
basic stuff in the first podcast and then graduate to answering
questions regarding accessible applications etc. Well I have some
ideas, but bare with me while I try to plow through this. Ay I might
even open the box and tell you good folks what's inside. If you good
folks can stand my lack of technically beautiful recordings, then
I'll give you content to listen too.


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