[bct] Re: podcast of window eyes verses jaws excellent!

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  • Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 13:51:23 -0500

Hi Mary, thanks for answering my query.  What a dunce I am.  I thought you were 
just using the computer with speech.  It never dawned on me that you had a 
braille display.  Of course, at 2am my brain usually gets a little addled, so I 
beg your indulgence.


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  I turned off speech when I was working and used the braille display instead. 
I found it impossible to do programming and quickly read specific columns of 
text and numbers, not to mention programming languages, binary, hexadecimal, 
and EBCDIC, with speech; in addition, I was on the phone a lot, and couldn't 
have used the PC without braille since I could not hear the phone and the 
speech at the same time. In these types of situations braille is much quicker 
because the material is a lot more specialized. It would be like you trying to 
proof read a medical report; using your preferred method, things would go 
smoothly and, hopefully, very quickly; but using another format that you are 
not accustomed to, it would be much slower. Other blind programmers can read 
this kind of thing with speech, and more power to them.


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