[bct] Re: podcast of window eyes verses jaws excellent!

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Hi Sue,

Just wanted to say that we're all happy you've joined our list.  It's a 
terrific neighborhood, and it is always growing, which keeps it interesting.


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  Hello. My name is Sue and I just joined the list, just wanted to comment on 
the podcast that Chris and Marla did was really on the money. I really find 
that Window Eyes is one of the best screen readers out there. I was at Delco 
blind and sight center in Chester PA, I had to work with Jaws for on the job 
training, for six month I had to use another screen reader and it was really 
difficult, getting around the net, and using word, and everything else. It 
really frustrated me. I did this back in 2002 right when xp came out. I just 
really think Window Eyes has really worked out for me, because since then I 
upgraded to xp and have gotten all of the upgrades and now that I have We 5.5 
there is more support in the microsoft office, and I can get stuff done at 
home, and you don't have to have an internal speech synthasizer, everything 
comes out of the computer speakers, plus I have used window eyes from 1996 to 
now, and probably will continue to do so. Jaws is a lot more expensive. A lot 
of people wanted me to get Jaws because that is what everyone is using on the 
job site, apparentally those people did not really see the picture. You can say 
that I don't have a job, but yes I do because right now I am a house wife, I 
keep track of all of the finances, make out a list, and other stuff, that is 
why window eyes really helps me what is going on the screen. A few years ago my 
husband and I met on the net, emailed each other daily, and I moved to San 
Diego CA in 2002, before that he was to PA, met my parents, and we just fell in 
love, got married in PA in 2003, everyone just loves us here and every year we 
go back to PA to see my family. I could not of done this with out Window Eyes. 
My husband can see and he thinks that all of the stuff I have is really cool 
and it is! Hey we are 20 years a part in age, but it does not really matter, we 
think a like, plus we were both premature babies. He was born in 1955, and me 
in 1975, plus his mom was from PA to. My parents have been out four times they 
love it! So just thought I would tell you a little story and add my opinion. 
Glad to be apart of this list. Keep on smiling!

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