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My only experience with visiting Georgia was about eleven years ago. Went to a seminar held in Atlanta and took the opportunity to visit many sites around the city. Went to Coca-Cola Land, ate at a wonderful little restaurant called the Rib Shack, tooka tour of a plantation home, as well as a museum full of Civil War weaponry ... great stuff!

The people at the Rib Shack were so nice. It's a family-owned restaurant--at least, it was family-owned eleven years ago. Rain was pouring down, and our cab just wasn't coming. So one family-member volunteered to drive us back to our hotel.

An awesome week.
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Hmmm depends if you are talking about with traffic or not! Grin! About 30 minutes.

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.MessageWow, Kennesaw ... forgive my ignorance, I've never heard of that city before. How far is it from Atlanta?
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. I am in Kennesaw Georgia, way down south here!
. Darren Duff
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. I just wanted to drop a quick note.
. Darren Duff, I'm curious as to where you are hailing from. You're making me all nostalgic for my retired guide Boomer.
. Lynette and Maria, I heard about the transit strike in your neck of the woods. Man! I don't envy you trying to get around in those circumstances. My heart goes out to you.
. Thirdly, I hope those responsible for the Castaways cast read this list because I can't remember their e-mail address offhand and I just wanted to drop a quick note to say I'm so glad you're back! My friend (also blind) and I are planning on getting together and cooking dinner for our wives using your chili recipe. Who knows, maybe we'll record our escapade and submit it to BTC. <Smirk>
. Hope, I enjoyed your Christmas cast, and that keybaord sounds pretty dog-goned nifty. As one who's been constantly jealous of guitar players because of the portability of their instrument, I'm very intrigued by the idea of a keyboard I can stow in an overnight bag. (Theoretically.)
. Larry, I've been listening to old podcasts, because I'm getting my friend into podcasts and am making a sample CD of Blind Cool Tech MP3s. I gotta say, I miss the walks to/from work. I love the submissions, but I do miss that "slice-of-life" air the podcast had for a while there. Don't get me wrong, it still has that feel to a certain extent ... I just want more. <Grin>
. Well, that's 'bout all I've got for now. Catch ya on the flip-flop.
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