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Plus, the fact that the books will come on some sort of proprietary 
cartridge eliminates the possibility of someone going out to a store, 
picking up a card reader, hooking it to their pc, and start copying and 
batch converting files.
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NLS will never allow these books to be released without DRM. Just because
they mentioned the codec doesn't mean you can go out and download some
software and expect to play these books. They will only play on their
machines or through their software. Read the in brief articles in recent
braill book review for more info.
NLS is playing to the lowest common denominator. Let's face it. If there are
patrons who have yet to figure out the side selecter switch then they
probably can't do CD's either. He is a government employee and therefore is
told what he can and cannot say, if he has any personal opinions, he
wouldn't say.

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