[bct] places to find quasi binaural mikes

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Jenny, I changed the subject so people could more easily refer back to
this message.

actually the DSM mikes you mentioned are quasi binaural mikes.  You can
get them mounted in a headband that looks almost like a pair of
headphones.  Of course, you can get them as individual mikes as well.
For more information, go to


Another company that sells a variety of binaural mikes can be found at

, http://core-sound.com/default.php

Core sound has a lot of information on a variety of ways to use
different kinds of stereo and quasi binaural mikes.

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I have read a little about Sonic Studio's DSM Mics, I think they're
called.  Is this the kind of thing you are referring to when you talk
about true binaural recordings?  what other companies are doing this?
I'll be happy to do the reading myself if you'll give me some links.

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