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Hi Tim,
I use a Braille Note and find it very reliable and easy to use.  You might
want to check out the Braille Sense from GW also because it is very similar
to the Braille Note for quite a bit less money.  The PackMate does some neat
things that other notetakers don't do yet, but I too find the interface a
bit scattered and difficult.  Of course, I only had a PackMate around to
play with for about one month.  

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Hi all.  I'm going to be going to school in the next few months and am
wondering which modern   PDA I sould purchase with technology loan moneies I
am going to get?  I am going in to the IT field with an emphasys on computer
I hate the interface of the pacmate as I don't think it's too inteuative.
What do ya'all think?

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