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I used the Optacon out in Pennsylvania and liked it a lot. I also used something called a VersaBraille. This was a rather large piece of equipment, which contained a Braille writer style keyboard. It had a small Braille display screen with a bar above the screen for advancing to the next line. There was also a cassette player built in to the machine, and buttons for going forward and back by page, paragraph, etc. and volume and speed controls. However, nobody here in the Chicago area seems to have ever even heard of the VersaBraille or the Optacon. Or if they have they've not said anything.
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I love the optacon and still use it to read mail, and when Windows crashes and I have to rebuild from scratch, I use the optacon to read the screen. It was my only tool for computer access for the first 15 years of my career. I still love it and will probably die and be buried with it. I am sorry you had such an awful time with it; I have friends who agree with you a million percent!


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