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  • Date: Sat, 5 Nov 2005 00:51:34 -0800

Oh man, I *loved* my Optacon!!!!!

If I had one, I'd still use it. I never could get mine to read the computer screen (I always used the first-generation models--not by choice, just by luck of the Rehab Department draw). I switched elemtary schools when I was a kid just so I could learn to use one. Got to where I could read around 90wpm with it.

I'd still have one now if not for Rehab's reluctance to pay to have such an obsolete piece of technology repaired. Grrrrr...

Don't get me wrong--Openbook is great, Book Port is fabulous ... but they can't read the label on a can of food, nor could I read a comic book with a scanner and OCR software ... nor can I just pop over to a bookstore and browse the science-fiction/fantasy section at my leisure with no assistance ... ah, I miss that Optacon, yes-sirree...

<Wistful sigh>

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I love the optacon and still use it to read mail, and when Windows crashes and I have to rebuild from scratch, I use the optacon to read the screen. It was my only tool for computer access for the first 15 years of my career. I still love it and will probably die and be buried with it. I am sorry you had such an awful time with it; I have friends who agree with you a million percent!


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