[bct] Re: not sure if ot: sblive drivers win 98

  • From: "Matt Roberts" <blindbiker@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 21:48:23 -0500

Your card may not be supported anymore.  I went to that site, and discovered
that I could not find any information.  I would suggest you contact the
manufacturer to check to see if you can still get drivers for that item.

                  Matt Roberts

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> Hi all
> I was wondering if anyone knows where I could download a file 
> I'm looking for.
> the creativelabs site is the most useless thing I eve ran 
> into, but in about 2000 when I had an sblive card, I went to 
> their site and downloaded a 19 meg file which was the sound 
> drivers and the control pannel and such for the card. now, 
> you go to their site and you can't download anything. does 
> anyone know where I could get drivers for windows 98.
> I use windows 98 for several reasons and yes, I do have xp 
> but *spit* who wants xp?
> I searched google and downloaded two files, one was 2.4 megs 
> and was called sb hot fix, which that didn't work and the 
> other was 5.6 megs and gives me an error that says error 
> moving data c:\windows\temp \xxx.tmp (where xxx is the file 
> name) and it says ok and exits.
> I really need these drivers please and would appreciate it.  
> thank you.
> Gabe
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