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  • Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 18:27:12 -0800

Nod32 is, for all my needs so far, completely accessible. It is incredibly
easy to use and so good that you will install it easily and forget it is
even there but you will know it is because the software will update itself
frequently trouble free. I was a user of Norton until I finally had it with
spending hours and hours trying to fix Norton problems rather than viruses.
I spent much, much more time fixing Norton than I ever spent cleaning a
virus off of my computer. Let's put it this way, Norton system works or
whatever that mess I installed was called was taking upto about 128 megs of
updates on my hard drive and took lots of processing power from my computer.
Nod32 is a quick 10 meg download and runs at all times and does not take any
processing power at all from your computer. I've been warned more than a few
times of dangerous files I'm downloading as well as questionable files on my
computer without causing me the endless headaches as Norton. There were many
files on my computer that Norton didn't catch that Nod32 did catch. I swear,
Norton was such a horrible nightmare of bad, bloated programming that I
would have payed 3 times the $40 I spent for Nod32.

J Garcia
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Well I'm a user and owner of Nod32 for antivirus, and I absolutely love it.
IWhen you first install it, the interface looks a little weird, but I
figured out how to get it working with JFW. It detects a lot. From adware in
some cases to viruses, bad scripts meant to harm your computer and more,
it's a gem. Nod32 doesn't contain a firewall, it's an antivirus, but it's
good. I'd be happy to talk with you off list either by skype or telephone if
you decide to give Nod32 a ride.
From David

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