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Hey Lance! welcome aboard bro! you will love it here!!!


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Wow!! Thanks so much you all for making me feel so welcome.  Well,
living most of my life in Hawaii to me becomes not such a big deal.  I
will say this much.  Back in 1990, I left Hawaii to attend The National
Helen Keller Center in New York, and I really missed being home.  

  As far as my favorite kind of music, I probably would say smooth jazz.
I actually like all kinds of music except heavy metal and hardcore rap.
I've done some originals.  A lot of it are instrumentals.  I sometimes
find it hard to write lyrics, but every now and then, I surprise myself.
About a couple of years ago, with the help of my vocational rehab
counselor, I went in to a recording studio and made a cd titled Soothe
Me.  All the songs on it are originals, and all of them are done off of
my keyboard.  The cd is intended for people who do massage therapy.  So
a lot of the songs are New Age, some jazz and a touch of Hawaiian. 

  As far as doing a podcast, I'm a little cold feet.  I've never done
anything like that before, but I'm sure it can be done.  Till then,
thanks so much again!! 

Aloha all, Lance


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Hello, Lance,

Welcome.  I do hope you enjoy yourself, because, believe me, this list
will keep you entertained, and informed all at the same time!

Ah, another music devotee ... lovely.  I have to ask, what genre/s do
you prefer?  Do you compose your own music?  Your keyboard sounds
lovely, and I, along with all the others I am sure, would love a podcast
on that.  

Hawaii must be a truly amazing place to reside.  I've heard stories from
those who have visited about its utter beauty, but hearing about it from
a native Hawaiian would be better still.

I eagerly await any podcasts you offer, and wish you well.



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Hello Everyone, 

My name is Lance Kamaka.  I was born and raised on the island of Oahu.
Honolulu Hawaii.  I'm totally blind from birth, and have a great passion
for music.  I play the piano and sing at a restaurant/bar three nights a
week.  I've subscribed to the blind cool tech podcast, and I really
enjoy it.  So much so, that I've decided a couple of days ago, to
subscribe to the mailing list.  I especially like those podcasts dealing
with audio, digital recorders, even the audio games.  The one podcast
that's my all time favorite is the one on the Kurtzweil keyboard.  Which
brings me to my question for Neal.  What model number is your Kurzweil
keyboard, and is there a manual in Braille for it?  I currently own a
technics kn1400 keyboard.  Learned to use it by rote.  I love the
onboard sequencer.  One of these days, I just might do a podcast on this
keyboard.  Anyways, you all keep up the great work.  Aloha, Lance

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