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Welcome to the list Kelli. Yeah, Center for Independent Futures is really great. What's so nice about it is that we're like one big, happy family and we always support each other in times of need. There have been a few of those. My upstairs neighbors' oldest boy passed on in his sleep. It will be a year on Monday, and they're going to his grave. Also, my roommate just had to put down his pet dog. But we also share lots of happy moments together. Enough about that for now though. Gotta go make lunch.
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Hi Sabrina and welcome aboard. As others have said, this is a great list for reaching out and talking about issues related to vision impairment and technology. I myself am in a somewhat different situation but was at one time looking for living options away from my folks. Well now I've found that, I'm very happy to report. I won't take up too much list time detailing the agency, but my parents and I found one about two years ago that is local and it, kind of new, and is nonprofit. It is called Center for Independent Futures, and it is about four years old. Basically the way it works is that a bunch of parents of disabled people have banded together to form a co-op of sorts, and thus far we have invested in two buildings which house residents. A third building is in the works. I'm living with a neighbor from several years back, oddly enough. He is legally blind and I only have light perception. I'm unemployed but have worked in the past. I don't want to get into another rant about my state VR agency, but basically they are not talking to me anymore. I live in Illinois, and many friends of mine have said that our VR agency is in need of some big time reforms. Anyway, welcome and be sure to check out http://www.blindcooltech.com. Larry and the others have really done an excellent job putting together this website, and the podcasts are quite interesting and informative. One more thing before I close. My family and I were visiting relatives in Louisville many years back and we stopped off at the American Printing House for the Blind to get a tour. It's a great place to visit.
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Hi everyone,
My name is Sabrina. I'm 28 years old and live in Florida. I'm originally from Louisiana but moved to Florida when I was a small child.
I've been blind since birth. I still live with my parents but am very independent and can take care of myself. The only problem I have is transportation. My parents both work and we have no public transportation where I live. There's a place called ride solutions but they pick favorites to pick up and see me as a bother.
I don't have a social life and there is no organization where I live. I'm in the house most of the time and I know that's not real healthy but I don't have a choice unless I move out but I'm not financially or mentally ready for that. No job opportunities here either. I'd sure love to work so I can move out and live in my own apartment and get myself a kitty cat since my folks won't let me keep one here.
I suffer from severe depression but am working on getting off this medication cause I'm tired of taking them and my stupid shrink is being a total pain in the neck. I'm single and would love to meet some singles in my area which is Palatka which is an hour from St. Augustine. I also love listening to podcasts. I hope to start my own someday.
Well I think that's all for now but I'm glad to be here.
Hello everyone,
My name is Kelli and I just joined the list last night. Jake I think that is wonderful that you have found a place that you can c all your own. I am a social work graduate student from Michigan interning at at a grass roots agency which has only been around for about three years. The organization which assisted you sounds similiar to the one where I am currently at Jake. The Center For Community Access strives to raise the status of those with disabilities within the community through education and advocating. After graduation, my professional goal is to become a disability rights advocate.
Sorry for going on so long. I am just thrilled to be able to connect with so many people. I don't know why I didn't join sooner.
Take care everyone,

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