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Hi Marsha and welcome to BCT. I think I remember seeing your name on some other 
lists. You're not alone on not knowing how to do a podcast so don't worry. I 
myself am very interested in this kind of thing and really enjoy listening to 
the podcasts up on the BCT website.
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  Hi, my name is Marsha and I also am new to BCT.  I am a medical 
transcriptionist who also likes to listen to podcasts.  My husband, James, who 
is also subscribed to this list is also a great fan of yours.  I know that 
Larry has told us he has wanted to give us step-by-steps on submitting a 
podcast.  However, I do not even know how to go about recording one, let alone 
submitting a podcast.  I know that Adam Curie has some stuff on that but I need 
this thing even more simple than that as I am what is called technically 
challenged when it comes to that.  I have heard all about the digital recorders 
out there but don't know which to pick as being the most accessible and also 
able to do what you want it to do.
  Again, thank you for answering my questions.  By the way, I also liked your 
career podcast you made back in September or October, Lisa.  That was a good 
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    Hi Sabrina,


    I am Lisa Hall from San Antonio, Texas. I used to be from Shreveport, 
Louisiana and have lived there for 32 years before living out on my own. I have 
been working for 17 years and am currently looking for work as Braille 
Production Technician, Braille Instructor, or Computer Instructur.


    You are welcome to contact me privately if you like.

    I have created my own web site and you are welcome to check out the 
information that I can share with you.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.




    Lisa Hall,

    Former Consultant for Adaptive Technology for Northwest Vista College, a 
college of the Alamo Community College District. 

    Web page: http://home.satx.rr.com/lisahall

    Phone: (210) 829-4571

    E-mail and MSN I.D.: lhall10@xxxxxxxxxxx







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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Sabrina.  I'm 28 years old and live in Florida.  I'm originally 
from Louisiana but moved to Florida when I was a small child.

    I've been blind since birth.  I still live with my parents but am very 
independent and can take care of myself.  The only problem I have is 
transportation.  My parents both work and we have no public transportation 
where I live.  There's a place called ride solutions but they pick favorites to 
pick up and see me as a bother.

    I don't have a social life and there is no organization where I live.  I'm 
in the house most of the time and I know that's not real healthy but I don't 
have a choice unless I move out but I'm not financially or mentally ready for 
that.  No job opportunities here either.  I'd sure love to work so I can move 
out and live in my own apartment and get myself a kitty cat since my folks 
won't let me keep one here.

    I suffer from severe depression but am working on getting off this 
medication cause I'm tired of taking them and my stupid shrink is being a total 
pain in the neck.  I'm single and would love to meet some singles in my area 
which is Palatka which is an hour from St. Augustine.  I also love listening to 
podcasts.  I hope to start my own someday.

    Well I think that's all for now but I'm glad to be here.

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