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  • Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2005 21:22:26 -0600

Hi Sabrina:
My name is Dana and Jaws says it weird, it is actually pronounced Dayna.  I am 
glad to meet you and I am also new to the list and blind cool tech.  I 
correctly guessed the mystery sound seven and love all the pod casts on the 
homepage.  Welcome and please write when ever you feel like it, I have suffered 
from severe clinical depression myself in the past but my life is better now.  
You are quite correct in your assessment of your situation.  Where ever and 
when ever you can, change one small thing about it, then it will begin to 
slowly turn around.  My wife and me have been married for 23 years and we have 
know children.  I am the blind one and she was a nurse until 4 years ago.  She 
fell running for a crash cart to save someone's life at the hospital where she 
works and is now disabled herself.  She broke both ankles, blew out her right 
knee and popped two disks in her back, all at the same time.  We are waiting 
for her disability case to be heard in court, there are 3000 cases in front of 
ours right now.  Well, enough for now, take care and hugs!

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  Hi everyone,
  My name is Sabrina.  I'm 28 years old and live in Florida.  I'm originally 
from Louisiana but moved to Florida when I was a small child.
  I've been blind since birth.  I still live with my parents but am very 
independent and can take care of myself.  The only problem I have is 
transportation.  My parents both work and we have no public transportation 
where I live.  There's a place called ride solutions but they pick favorites to 
pick up and see me as a bother.
  I don't have a social life and there is no organization where I live.  I'm in 
the house most of the time and I know that's not real healthy but I don't have 
a choice unless I move out but I'm not financially or mentally ready for that.  
No job opportunities here either.  I'd sure love to work so I can move out and 
live in my own apartment and get myself a kitty cat since my folks won't let me 
keep one here.
  I suffer from severe depression but am working on getting off this medication 
cause I'm tired of taking them and my stupid shrink is being a total pain in 
the neck.  I'm single and would love to meet some singles in my area which is 
Palatka which is an hour from St. Augustine.  I also love listening to 
podcasts.  I hope to start my own someday.
  Well I think that's all for now but I'm glad to be here.

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