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Hello, Missy,
Welcome to the list.  As I am a fellow rambler, I had no trouble at all with
your introduction.
Your upgrade should be quite smooth.  These things usually are, at least in
my limited humble experience.  <smile>
Enjoy yourself and I look forward to any podcasts you'd care to submit.

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  Hello, all. I just joined this e-mail list a couple of hours ago. I've
downloaded a number of archived pod casts over the past couple of weeks, and
have enjoyed listening to them a great deal. If nothing else, I've learned
that I'm way behind when it comes to adaptive tech and other cool toys.
  Thanks to the good old  bureau of services for the visually impaired, I'm
getting ready to upgrade from Windows 98 SE to Windows XP Pro with service
pack 2. Although I know that in the long run, the upgrade will be a good
thing, I'm more than a little nervous about the actual upgrade process. I'm
not sure what to expect, and am worried that I may be without a computer for
an indefinite period until everything gets set up properly.
  If anyone is interested, I'd love to provide a few pod casts at some
point: I could do a demonstration of Mobile Speak cell phone screen reader
if one is still needed, and there are probably other things I could
demonstrate or discuss if people are interested. I just am a bit worried
because I've never done this type of thing before and don't want to mess up
too terribly.
  Anyway, sorry for the rambling message. Perhaps I'd be best off waiting to
participate in this community too actively until I get my computer out of
the stone age. :)
  I've got some questions pertaining to a number of topics, but will post
them in separate messages with relevant subject lines. Thanks for reading my
rambling introduction, and I hope that everyone is having a great day!

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