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  • Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 17:28:41 -0500

Hello Daniel,

It's always great to hear a new voice on the list.  You are most welcome and we 
will be looking for whatever podcast you post in the future


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  I've only just joined the list and thought I'd just say Hi. or "hay yall" as 
Larry puts it.
  I'm 21, totally blind and live in Lancashire in the north west of England in 
the UK.  I'm currently unemployed, having just quit University.  I was doing a 
BSC Hons music tech degree at Stafford.  the course was not really accessible 
and wasn't really for me.
  Now, I have decided to completely change my career path and become an 
assistive tech trainer.  Sorry to blow my own trumpet a bit, but I'm no novice 
when it comes to computers and love helping people with things, so I think 
being an IT trainer for the blind will be the perfect jobfor  me.

  I have been an avid listener to the podcast for just over half a year or 
there abouts.  I believe the first show I caught was the one where Larry was 
chopping a few tree branches with his electric chain saw.
  I think this podcast is the best radio show done buy us blind folks, showing 
the world that we're as multifaceted and varying in lifestyle as everyone else, 
and that we're perfectly capable to live normal lives.

  Listening to Larry, Darren and others out and about with their guidedogs has 
pretty much convinced me that I want to get a guidedog when I move out of my 
parents house and get setteled down and the like.

  Thanks again for the great podcast and keep up the good work.
  I might submit something myself in the future.

  Buy for now,
  If anyone wants to add me to msn messenger, the address is:

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