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Jeff, I was just finishing up my documentation with the actual text from the
manual, but will look at yours and will ask if I can incorporate or mix it
in to mine with hopefully a result for all for the future, thanks and good

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Hi guys,

    I am attaching the most recent version of the IFP-899. Users manual. 
The latest version includes my transcription of show number 75 in which
Larry and Roger describe the menus.  Not all options were described and may
be of no use to us but I will continue to add to the description as time
goes by and I learn more.  You will still need sighted help to adjust the
menus but at least you might be able to direct the helping person to the
specific items which you want to change.  Take Care.  Jeff Armstrong P.S.
May I pass on something extra which stumbled upon.  If you add a file to the
root folder, voice folder, and record folder of the unit which describes the
function of each, you can use the file as a help to navigate.  For example,
I recorded my speech synthesizer saying "you are in the MP3 folder.".  Then
I named that file 0000-MP3-folder-alert.MP3 and copied it into the root
folder of the player.  over time it will be the oldest file in the folder
and therefore the first one played.  I went into the menus and turned off
"resume" so that the player wouldn't take me back to where I had been before
and instead start me at the beginning each time.  It's not accessibility but
it helps me. 

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