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  • Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2006 13:34:28 -0600

Hello, I think skype 2.0 has built in MSAA controls so you can move up
and down the contact list with your arrow keys. I no skype 1.4 worked
with window eyes like that, but i'mnot sure about 2.0 oh, and with any
of the dolphin stuff, forget skype 2.0
ON 2/18/2006 at 13:31 Rick Harmon said

Please correct me if I give incorrect info here.  My understanding from the  
other mail listsI have read from  is that if you are using JAWS then Skype 2.0 
doesn't really require any scripts to use it.  I am currently using JAWS 7 and 
Skype 2.0 and no scripts.  I have no real problems using it at all.

Not sure about WindowEyes though.


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  I took a look at the scripts on the JFW Lite page found at:

  and it looks like they are designed for Skype 1.x, rather than Skype 2.0 
which is the current production version.  The scripts look like they were last 
updated in Feb of 2005.

  I have installed Skype 2.0 and it seems to work relatively well with Jaws 
without scripts, although I certainly don't know many if any of the hot keys, 
and I have had to use the Jaws cursor to perform a moderate number of tasks.


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  Hi all,

  Well it's almost 3:30 A.M. and I have been playing around getting Skype to 
work; not too hard, since I created an account early last year and never used 
it. I need to learn the hot keys (which I enabled in the options section of the 
tools menu) and have version 2 of Skype and version 3 of the scripts for it, 
obtainable from a number of sources including jfwlite.com. At any rate, I have 
no idea how to answer calls or hang up or any other such thing so need a few 
days to learn that.

  My ID, if anyone would like to add me, is mkemerson, all lower case. Hope 
gave her ID and I added it, and I would like to add more if anyone wishes to 
let me have their IDs. Please e-mail me privately if you want to provide your 
account name so that the BCT list won't be cluttered up with stuff. You can 
send your Skype ID to me at:

  I won't keep Skype running every time I log on because I don't like too much 
disruption, especially if I'm doing some sort of critical Windows stuff; but if 
I'm doing e-mail, I'll log in and am interruptable although I'm not really into 
lengthy conversations.

  Anyway I am off to get some sleep, guess it's long over due but you know how 
it goes when you putter around with these marathon PC experiments.



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