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Hello Sindy.  I have two questions about the Muvo 1 GB model.

1.  You say that when you start playing a song, you have to hold down
the play button for 5 seconds or so.  Is this always the case?  In other
words, if the player is already on and has just played a song and you
press play to pause the file, when you press play again, can you just
press and let go, or do you have to hold it for 5 seconds again?

2.  When you are in a file and you have to change batteries, does it
remember the place it was in the file, or does it take you back to the
beginning of the list of music files?

3.  I know, I can't count.  Is there an AC adapter you can get for the

I also wonder, if someone knows, if I can use this player to play
audible.com files.  I think I have heard that one can do this, but I
wonder if one has to load the software to do this.  Perhaps if one
registers the player with Audible, one can simply copy the audible file
to the player and it would work?  Anyone know the answer to this.

Thanks for the podcast and thanks for any help you and others can give


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My name is Sindy. I uploaded a file to the ftp site. It is a review of
some of the Creative MuVo mp3 players: the MuVo NOMAD 128mb and the MuVo
TXFM 1gb. I hope it is helpful to someone. If y'all enjoy this I may do
other podcasts. I lack the fancy recording equipment most of y'all have
so I am using the Olympus WS100 with its built in microphones.

Synthia M. Greenwell 
Program Coordinator, 
20/200 Fellowship, Inc. 

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