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Thanks, I am going to do a noise floor test in both 16 and 24 bit.
That's already on the list, but thanks for keeping me on my toes.


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On 6/1/2006, 5:51:20 PM EST, Neal wrote:

> Hi all, It's like Christmas when you get a new toy.  Unfortunately I 
> have some heavy duty consulting to do now and won't be able to play 
> with it until tonight.  I will do a podcast tomorrow.  I have a 
> growing list of things to cover.  In order not to make it too long, I 
> may not go into the menu items until the second podcast, in that you 
> can do much of what you want to do without menus.  My first question 
> will be, in that the manual says you have to format the card in the 
> recorder before using it, how does one do this without going into the 
> menus.  I'll cover that tomorrow.  I'll describe the location of all 
> the buttons and switches. I'll take it from exactly what happens when 
> you turn the recorder on the first time.  I'll also answer a number of

> other questions and try a number of mikes such as the in ear mikes and

> other mikes from sound professionals, plus a number of others I have.

> I may even try it with my Neumann TLM103, with a pre-amp of course.

> If anyone has specific things they would like to have covered, let me 
> know.
> Neal

Would it be possible to put a noise test in there somewhere with just a
terminator plug in both the line-in and microphone preamp at both min
and max input gains? Ya know, about 10 seconds of complete dead silence
each, even if it's not part of the podcast which would probably make it
kind of boring?

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