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  • Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 00:17:32 -0500

Hi Mary,

Sorry it's taken us a bit of a while to get back to you on your question about 
QVC guitars.  Lynne and I have two guitars each, but we bought them from the 
HSN home shopping TV station.  We each have one nylon string guitar, and one 
steel string guitar.  There is a guy named Esteban who sells guitars that his  
company makes and sells.  The other day I happened to turn the channel to the 
HSN station and he was there touting his newest, an  electric guitar.with an 
amp.  I would love to have it, but couldn't afford it.  However, I'm sure he'll 
be back with it or something similar.


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  Lynnette and Maria,

  This isn't about potential podcasts, but about two other things, that you and 
the list can comment on; actually the first one is a promo for your excellent 
web site. I loved the parts I've read so far; there is a lot there, as you 
know, and I haven't even scratched the surface yet! Thanks for sharing all your 
writing, sound clips, music and whatever else is up there that I missed thus 

  Second: guitars. I just ordered some D-Adario strings which I love and 
wouldn't play anything else!!! through Amazon via Musician's Friend; on that 
site (Amazon and probably Musicians Friend) there were some very tempting 
guitars including a steel-string Yamaha folk guitar and a 12-string (I'd love 
another 12-string and would keep it in better shape than the ones I've had in 
the past.) I would also like to check out QVC to see what they have; I have 
never been disappointed with them and would love to know about their guitars. 
Has anyone ordered guitars from them, and did the instruments play properly out 
of the box, or did they need adjusting at a local music store? 

  Thanks for any input.


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