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Mary, well, O K then, you ask about my favorite Christmas movie and then you don't say anything when I tell you, sad face.
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I like George C. Scott in A Christmas Carol also; for a while I got rather tired of it but am about ready to watch it again this year.

I was interested in your discussions of jobs becoming obsolete. One of the reasons I retired from IBM was because the main frame systems I helped support were becoming obsolete. I keep in touch with my friends at the office and so far nobody in our small group of 3 has moved on; they took on a lot of extra work after I left, but I made sure they knew how to do it; I was real sorry to hand it all over to them, on top of what they already had, but the bureaucracy was getting worse and worse, plus it was just too tempting to go on pre-retirement leave. There was a lot coming down the pike that I didn't like to see, including more lay offs. . I hope all of you can hold on and keep going until you choose to leave for whatever reason. My division was supposed to have five sets of lay offs this year, and two had already occurred before I left; I think the third happened at the end of August.


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