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Well, my top Christmas movie is definitely "Miracle on 34th Street."  I also 
love Tim Allen's "Santa Claus" movies, and a more recent film which has made it 
to near-favorite status is "Elf."  It's quite a charming story.  (And, of 
course, "A Christmas Story" is up there aw well.  I think I'm one of the 30 or 
so people who actually saw that movie in a theater. <Grin>)

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  Hi group,

  What's your favorite Christmas movie or movies? It would be so much fun to 
find out which ones you like, whether classics or modern. My choices are:

  (not necessarily by preference)
  A Christmas Story, about a boy growing up in the 1940s in the midwest who 
wants an air rifle for Christmas and goes through all the traditional holiday 
stuff we can all identify with.

  The Santa Clause, because it brings out the kid in me every year.
  I have Santa Clause number two, but it doesn't seem to measure up to the 
first one.

  all the Peanuts holiday movies; I grew up with them and despite the obvious 
flaws when the kids couldn't get their lines right, they just bring back some 
great memories, even the great pumpkin!

  I bought some Christmas books from Seedlings Braille Books for Children and 
love those; just ordered The Nutcracker and can't wait to read the fairy tale 
described in the music. A couple years ago I uploaded Truman Capote's A 
Christmas Memory, One Christmas and The Thanksgiving Visitor up to Bookshare; I 
got them in one hard cover book and scanned them in and proof read them to get 
the errors corrected. That's one of my very favorites. I didn't much care for 
other stuff he wrote, though.

  I do love Dickens's Christmas stories; he wrote others besides A Christmas 
Carol, and they are quite good.

  What's your vote?


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