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I've been impressed with how easily I can hear a wall on Larry's right in a
couple of the podcasts with his new microphones.  The wall I can hear on
Larry's walk has a more flat one-dimensional sound than it would live, but
I'm even able to hear it without using headphones.  I was out walking to an
appointment today and I was paying attention to hearing cars passing by and
how easily I could tell if they were moving from back to front or front to
back.  It's definitely not as easy to judge direction of movement on a



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They made me do that crap too and I definitely hated it.
I don't even have light perception, yet they wanted me to wear something to 
cover my eyes.  Very annoying.
Also not on the topic of hearing, but touch, I hate to wear gloves.  I find 
I can't fully function outside with them on, yet in London where it's cold, 
parentals always want you to put on such things.  I'd rather suffer the cold

though personally.

If I absolutely have to wear a hat, then it has to be something that's not 
obtrucive like a cap, because there's nothing to cover my ears, because I 
have whatever it is that means I can hear objects, so object perception is a

good enough name in my opinion.

That sort of thing comes through very well on binoral recordings too, so I 
wonder whether people without it, if they listen to a binoral recording, 
pick up on it clearer than they would if using their own ears. It's worth an
experiment to try.

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> Wow, someone should do a detailed cast on this topic as well.  This 
> post
> just makes me realize that the fact that I hated a blindfold over my eyes,

> even though I was totally blind, while playing goalball because it was 
> really disorienting really did have some basis in fact..
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>> Facial vision is an interesting name for it.
>> J, I didn't reply to your message but I do appreciate your thoughts 
>> on
>> the
>> whole object perception label.  I've only ever been able to go on O&M
>> instructors and other blind people's information about something I always
>> found unusual.  Many of my friends are just fine using umbrellas, hats, 
>> and
>> hoods in bad weather, but if I wear any of these things I am instantly
>> disoriented.  I can deal with it if I have to but tend to avoid it if I 
>> can.
>> Some of my instructors have told me that I can sense smaller objects than
>> other people they've seen with whatever it is I have.  Maybe this has to 
>> do
>> with hearing abilities in general. Who knows? That's why I wanted to find
>> out more about the processes behind it.
>> Something else is demanding that I say it but I can't get my thought to 
>> come
>> out, so I will end this here.
>> maria L
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>> Yes, I've heard it referred to as facial vision. All I can say to 
>> those who consider it debatable is that it's easy to prove, so what's 
>> to debate?
>> It would be very frustrating to know that something was true but not 
>> be able to prove it. On the other hand,  if you know it's true, maybe 
>> it doesn't matter what others think. But just for the record, if you 
>> say that you can see auras and talk to the dead, I for one believe 
>> you And by the way, I enjoyed your podcast on the topic. Pam
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>>>Pam, is what you describe what we used to call "facial vision?"  It 
>>>is a very familiar phenomenon to many of the blind, but J is right 
>>>that there is debate as to what it is, but that it exists is beyond 

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