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I want to comment on this. When I was a kid I had really facial vision. However, as I got older and my cane travel skills got worse, my facial vision got worse. However, when I went to an NFB training center, my facial vision picked again. I really enjoy using echo location to find a building in a parking lot. I also have noticed that cars and trucks have a different echoing sound then buildings.
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Hi, Facial vision is an old term. Folks have long tried to figure out why we are so
good. Sighted folks couldn't fathom why blind folks were so able to get around. Some
of us old folks went all through school without canes, not because we were brave. We
just didn't own them or think much about them. Adult blind people, when we were lucky
enough to meet up with them seemed proud of their cane use. I for one used a dog
relatively early, when I was 13, but I didn't take the dog to school. I suspect what
was called facial vision was a combination of all our perceptual action, reading
wind, hearing, sun, air pressure changes, and don't forget even small amounts of
residual vision. Oh and don't forget how tactily sensitive our eyes are, whether or
not they deliver visual images.

Hey people thought the world was flat and some of them were down right sincere about

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Pam, is what you describe what we used to call "facial vision?" It is a
very familiar phenomenon to many of the blind, but J is right that there is
debate as to what it is, but that it exists is beyond doubt.


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