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One thing I really love about walking in the rain is the sound of the rain hitting other objects around you like cars or benches or even the grass, trees, and the street. It kind of provides a view that you don't often get. Of course, I'm talking about a gentle rain, not a down pour.

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Regarding your umbrella/rain problem, your difficulties may be stemming from
your focused attention than anything else. Your attention is like a
flashlight. When you are walking around your house your mental attentional
flashlight is wide and unfocused, but if you hear a strange noise, your
attentional flashlight will narrow and turn its focus directly on the sound.
In time, and with lots of practice, you can learn to quickly identify many
sounds which will help you travel much easier as you won't need to attend to
as much stimuli as before. Again, this takes time and effort and whenever
you are having trouble orienting yourself or finding your way, rather than
immediately asking for help, this is a perfect opportunity to hone this
skill. Don't get me wrong, overwhelming stimuli will still make mobility
difficult such as large buses or trash trucks, but you can simply wait until
they pass to go about your way. As for rain, I find it easier to travel when
its very cloudy as the sound is easier to "see," but too much rain masks
lots of stimuli.

J Garcia
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Facial vision is an interesting name for it.
J, I didn't reply to your message but I do appreciate your thoughts on the
whole object perception label. I've only ever been able to go on O&M
instructors and other blind people's information about something I always
found unusual. Many of my friends are just fine using umbrellas, hats,
hoods in bad weather, but if I wear any of these things I am instantly
disoriented.  I can deal with it if I have to but tend to avoid it if I
Some of my instructors have told me that I can sense smaller objects than
other people they've seen with whatever it is I have.  Maybe this has to
with hearing abilities in general. Who knows? That's why I wanted to find
out more about the processes behind it.
Something else is demanding that I say it but I can't get my thought to
out, so I will end this here.
maria L

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Yes, I've heard it referred to as facial vision. All I can say to those who consider it debatable is that it's easy to prove, so what's to debate?

It would be very frustrating to know that something was true but not
be able to prove it. On the other hand,  if you know it's true, maybe
it doesn't matter what others think. But just for the record, if you
say that you can see auras and talk to the dead, I for one believe you
And by the way, I enjoyed your podcast on the topic.

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>Pam, is what you describe what we used to call "facial vision?" It is a >very familiar phenomenon to many of the blind, but J is right that there
>debate as to what it is, but that it exists is beyond doubt.

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