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Check this out. Once I was hiking down in the Grand Canyon. The silence was very
interesting. The ambient signal to apparently no signal ratio was real 
different for
this City boy. Way down there you could hear a raven sounding like a huge 
shoe. And it was so quiet in there that you could pin point the raven.

You could hear the wind approaching, arriving at you and moving on. It was neat.

Sighted folks are often every bit at good at hearing as we are you know. I think
being good at hearing develops with need, at least some of the time. Then again 
are blind folks who have highly functional hearing, but they have trouble using 
for orientation. That's something about which I've never seen good research.

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You're right in that it's hearing, but not in that it's "superhuman".
It's simply a use of it that most sighted people and people who have
had sight for several years usually can't seem to develop.


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