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I hope you're not answering them. Pa leese, stop with that talking to the
dead ***. it really calls your credibility into question. Especially if you
plan on advising people about whatever you do for a living. How much are you
willing to listen to a professional who told you that your dead uncle
contacted him and advised him to convey to you that your future is... I
don't mean this to sound as if I'm attacking you, but many people are
reading the material on this list and may not have the ability or desire to
question people making completely unproveable and incredibly ridiculous
claims of super human powers. I'm sorry if I'm coming off strong but I've
learned that at times some people are so dense that logic and scientific
evidence is just not enough. I think I've said enough.


J Garcia
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> Careful now J, I talk to the dead regularly.  But, it is not because I am
> blind, it was part of my Shamanic training.
> Dan
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