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  • Date: Mon, 08 May 2006 21:36:22 -0500

Maybe the manufacturers of the cars ought to provide us all with these
transmitters. I don't think I'll hold my breath on that ever happening
But hey; providing us, such a minority, with transmitters, might be
less of a hassle and less expensive than adding noise to the cars that
customers don't want.


On Mon, 8 May 2006 19:22:09 -0500, you wrote:

>I don't think you will see the day when cars that sell, in part because
>they are quiet, will have constant noise makers.  And I know, that's not
>what you are suggesting.  They may, however, have a transmitter which,
>when it electronically senses a tiny device carried by a person who is
>blind, might make some kind of beeping noise while in the range of that
>device.  Just an idea.
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>The solution for the hybred car problem for the blind is simple, they
>have noise makers.  It need not be a steam whistle or 747 jet engine,
>they must be as noisy as the traffic around them.  As more and more
>buy them, this sound volume could decrease slowly over the years.
>I fear the idea of having them make noise is going to not sit well with 
>either customers nor manufacturers.  The additional cost will be 
>negligable, but customer dissatisfaction will be high and most simply
>not care enough about our needs to make a difference in the marketplace.
>We have no clout in the automobile market as we do not drive and buy few
>cars, even if for sighted spouses or kids.  This may need to be a
>for legislation, as if we did not already have enough laws.

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