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  • Date: Tue, 9 May 2006 21:24:30 +0100

Then we'd all have to hae cell-phones? When they are accessible and work the same for me as they do for sighted people, fine. Till then, I don't want one.

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What about a little transmitter on these cars, and maybe some kind of gadget on our en that will make our sell phones vibrate or ring when one of them gets near?
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Subject: [bct] Re: more on hybrid cars

The solution for the hybred car problem for the blind is simple, they must have noise makers. It need not be a steam whistle or 747 jet engine, but they must be as noisy as the traffic around them. As more and more people buy them, this sound volume could decrease slowly over the years.

I fear the idea of having them make noise is going to not sit well with either customers nor manufacturers. The additional cost will be negligable, but customer dissatisfaction will be high and most simply will not care enough about our needs to make a difference in the marketplace.

We have no clout in the automobile market as we do not drive and buy few cars, even if for sighted spouses or kids. This may need to be a subject for legislation, as if we did not already have enough laws.


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