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I have an MZ-NF610 and it is definitely not high-MD, it is Net-MD.

I don't think the obsoleteness of minidiscs is an issue for me. My husband
disagrees for the record. But obsolete in my book is good. You can pick up
media cheaply on ebay when something (like beta-max or 8-track) is obsolete.

My problem with the flash recorders is that many have internal flash only
so you need to keep dumping your recordings to the PC to clear them out. And
if they have CF or SD cards, well those still cost more than minidiscs.

My school has been trashing zip disks. And I've been dumpster diving. They
make superb backup media and though the click of death can bite, many
catastrophes can potentially befall a backup. The more I can back up without
spending a fortune, the better in my opinion.


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